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History of Education

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History of Education


The History of Education, a retrospective monograph collection on microfiche, consists of educational treatises and general works in education published from the fifteenth through the nineteenth centuries. As a research collection, History of Education is designed to be comprehensive in scope, encompassing five centuries of published educational material. Many of the educators whose works are contained in this collection had a powerful influence not only in their own countries but throughout the Western world. Controversial aspects of their thought are often still of vital interest. The History of Education is based on the extensive holdings of the Milbank Memorial Library, Teachers College at Columbia University, and on the comprehensive collection of Harvard University Library.

Each unit of the collection contains approximately 1,250 microfiche cards. Subject areas of the collection include: psychology, the philosophy of education, teacher training, sociology, communications, religion and womens rights. The collection offers a large number of works in the German language, reflecting the enormous contribution to educational philosophy of the German scholars of the nineteenth century; works in English and Romance languages also appear. There are collected works and biographies of major scholars who pioneered new directions in education, as well as pamphlets and lectures by little-known educators.

The History of Education collection contains over 11,000 titles on 49-frame positive microfiche with a reduction ratio of 24x. This film, employing a silver halide emulsion, meets all industry standards for archival permanence. The microfiche heading has been designed to industry standards. The eye-legible, abbreviated title of each work is centered on the top line of the Document Description Area, with the author and imprint date appearing directly beneath. The information contained in the right-hand field of the heading, the Sequential Information Area, offers identification unique to the work: the sequential fiche number in the unit, the number of fiche cards comprising the title, the sequential card number for the title, and the range of pages filmed on the card. The Identification Area is left blank for any local information that libraries may wish to add to the heading. Each entry in this guide contains the main entry, title, imprint information, and the sequential fiche number or range of numbers.