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Oscar Wilde Collection

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About this Collection

The Oscar Wilde Collection


This guide to The Oscar Wilde Collection on microfilm is based upon bibliographic information on each item from the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, UCLA, where the collection was filmed. The contents include: books, manuscripts, and Wildeana--miscellaneous materials pertinent to Wilde.

Our primary intention was to reproduce all bibliographic information available for each item in the Clarks catalog. In some cases, information did not exist; in others, pieces of information, such as date, were included multiple times. This resulted, invariably, in some inconsistency and repetition in both style and content. Wildes birth and death dates appear for some entries and not for others, for example.

There are several instances of forgeries in the collection. To help the user in avoiding mistaking or misa ttributing them as authentic holographs, we have placed these at the ends of reels.