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Selected Americana from Sabin


Selected Americana from Sabins Dictionary of Books Relating to America from Its Discovery to the Present Time is the most comprehensive microform publication of Americana published to date. The collection is based upon Joseph Sabins Bibliotheca Americana, A Dictionary of Books Relating to America, from Its Discovery to the Present Time. The bibliography was begun by Joseph Sabin and published by him in New York from 1868-1892. It was continued by Wilberforce Eames and R.W.G. Vail for the Bibliographic Society of America in 1928-1936. The scope of the collection reflects the scope of the Sabin bibliography itself, including early Texas, California and Pacific Coast material, Spanish American imprints, and native American language material as well as European and North American imprints. The entire collection, based on the entries in the Sabin bibliography, is estimated at 100,000 titles.

The Selected Americana from Sabin collection is published on 105mm positive microfiche and meets all standards for archival permanence. Improved heading and target information has been incorporated into each microfiche card to facilitate access and filing. The microfiche are numbered sequentially, starting with number 1 in unit 130.

Units 1 through 129 are based on the holdings of the Library of Congress; beginning with unit 130, the collection is based on the holdings of the Huntington Library, San Marino, California. Titles for the collection are selected from the Sabin bibliography and assigned alphanumeric target numbers. This number consists of a three-letter subject code and a sequential number indicating a titles numerical sequence within a given subject area. The Sabin bibliography number also appears on the microfiche header.