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Twentieth Century Legal Treatises: Administration of Justice and Administrative Law

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About this Collection

Twentieth-Century Legal Treatises


Nineteenth-Century Legal Treatises, which allows the researcher to trace the evolution of modern law in the United Kingdom, as well as in the United States, concluded with the publication of unit 69. In all, over 14,000 titles were filmed from the holdings of the law libraries at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and York universities.

Twentieth-Century Legal Treatises contains works on the subject of law printed in the United States and the United Kingdom during the twentieth century. The scope of this collection will allow the researcher to continue to trace evolving modern law into the 20th century--an important development for Anglo-American legal scholarship. The legal treatise tradition of the 19th century continued into the first decades of the new century and access to these materials in their original form has become increasingly difficult for modern scholars. The deterioration of book paper and heavy use over many years has literally destroyed or rendered most of the remaining copies unusable. The microfiche edition will assure the preservation of these valuable and elusive publications.

The Twentieth-Century Legal Treatises collection consists of titles on a 49-frame positive microfiche, with a ratio of 24x. This film, employing a silver halide emulsion, meets all industry standards for archival permanence. The microfiche heading has been designed to industry standards. The eye-legible, abbreviated title of each work is centered on the top line of the Document Description Area, with the author and imprint date appearing directly beneath. The information contained in the right-hand field of the heading, the Sequential Information Area, offers identification unique to the work: the sequential fiche number for the entire collection, the number of fiche cards corresponding to that title, the sequential card number for the title, and the range of pages filmed on the card. The Identification Area is left blank for local library information.

The first row of each fiche card contains the bibliographic and source information as well as a three-part identification number. This alphanumeric target consists of the following: a US or UK designation, the numerical subject category of the item assigned by the Harvard Law School Library, and the sequential number within each category. The subject categories range from 01 to 99 and each signifies one of the classification codes assigned by the Harvard University Law School Library. A numerical listing of the subject categories appears in the appendix of this guide. For example, US/92/8 indicates that the item has a United States imprint, is classified under category 92, or Equity according to the appendix, and is the eighth item filmed in that subject category.

Subject Categories

01 Reference Works
02 Bibliography
03 General Studies
04 Collected Essays
05 Legal History
06 Jurisprudence
07 Legal Education
08 Legal Profession
09 Biography
10 Private law
11 Legal Liability
12 Persons
13 Family Law
14 Parent & Child
15 Property
16 Real Property
17 Mortgages
18 Landlord & Tenant
19 Succession
20 Trusts & Trustees
21 Obligations
22 Torts
23 Negligence
24 Damages
25 Contracts
26 Suretyship & Guarantee
27 Government Contracts
28 Quasi-contracts
29 Commercial Law
30 Sales
31 Commercial Paper
32 Secured Transactions
33 Banking & Financing
34 Securities
35 Insurance
36 Business Planning
37 Agency
38 Unincorporated Assoc.
39 Corporations
40 Government Corporations
41 Commercial Arbitration
42 Creditors Rights
43 Accounting
44 Copyright
45 Patents & Trademarks
46 Unfair Competition
47 Antitrust Law
48 Agriculture
49 Trades & Crafts
50 Natural Resources
51 Regulated Utilities
52 Transportation
53 Maritime Law
54 Air Law
55 Communications
56 Social Legislation
57 Labor Law
58 Social Security
59 Social Welfare
60 Public Law
61 Constitutional Law
62 Constitutional Law: Special Topics
63 Constitutional and Political Theory
64 Politics & Government
65 Legislature
66 Executive
67 Administrative Law
68 Civil Service
69 Local Government
70 National Defense
71 Economic Policy
72 Public Finance
73 Taxation
74 Public Property
75 Land Use Planning
76 Health
77 Education
78 Religion
79 Police
80 Criminal Law
81 Criminal Responsibility
82 Crimes Against Public Safety
83 Crimes Against Persons & Property
84 Regulatory Offenses
85 Penology
86 Criminology
87 Juvenile Delinquency
88 Medical Jurisprudence
89 Military Justice
90 Practice & Procedure
91 Civil Procedure
92 Equity
93 Criminal Procedure
94 Evidence
95 Judicial Assistance
96 Trials
97 Administration of Justice
98 Probate or Notarial
99 International Law