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Western Books on Asia: Japan

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About this Collection



Western Books on Asia: Japan is a comprehensive collection of printed materials written in Western languages about Japan, from the sixteenth century to the advent of World War II. The titles included were selected from several bibliographies and the materials explore the social, political and economic history of Japan as witnessed by missionaries, traders, government workers, travelers, and others, often revealing Western impressions and attitudes toward Asian cultures. The predominant language is English, although a smaller percentage of materials are written in French, Italian and other languages.

Arrangement of the Collection

Each title has been assigned one of twelve subject categories, based on the Subject Classification List provided by Harvard University. These categories and their abbreviations are:

ANT -- Anthropology and Sociology
ECO -- Economics
ART -- Arts
PHI -- Philosophy
EDU -- Education
GEO -- Geography
HIS -- History
LAN -- Language
LIB -- Library and Information Science
LIT -- Literature
POL -- Politics and Government
SCI -- Science and Technology

Microfiche Specifications

The collection is published on 49-frame black and white microfiche with a silver halide emulsion. The film meets industry standards for archival permanence, including those published by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).


The collection is cataloged on the RLIN (Research Libraries Information Network) bibliographic utility. The RLIN ID # is included in the guide entry.