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Western Books: The Middle East from the Rise of Islam

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Western Books: The Middle East from the Rise of Islam


1. Scope of the Collection

Western Books: The Middle East from the Rise of Islam is the second in the Western Books series and follows the successful Western Books : Japan project.

Western books on the Middle East and North Africa since the emergence of Islam in the seventh century constitute a large and remarkably varied corpus. Over the centuries, European diplomats, soldiers, merchants, travelers, pilgrims, missionaries, and scholars have produced a rich legacy of works which, for all the interpretive shortcomings and cultural biases they may have in the eyes of contemporary readers, remain valuable sources for the continuing study of Islam and this region, as well as for the investigation of the Wests own evolving perspectives and assumptions concerning them.

Drawing on the world-renowned resources of Harvard University Libraries, this collection makes readily available to students, researchers, and other interested readers a substantial part of this corpus. It contains rare material of value to specialists in a wide range of disciplines, while more generally complementing and enhancing library collections with strength in more recently published works and in non-Western language materials.

The collection includes a comprehensive selection of travel literature, published documents, memoirs, reference works, and scholarly studies in numerous academic disciplines, such as philosophy, history, literature, sociology, art and architecture, international relations and religion. It also contains many texts in translation, which makes accessible to readers unfamiliar with the languages of the region a substantial number of important works produced by Middle Eastern and North African authors since the early Middle Ages. Approximately half of the works selected are in English, with the remainder being in other Western languages, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Latin, and Russian.

These works continue to be invaluable as rich sources of historical information and as cultural artifacts significant for the evidence they contain concerning the methods and cultural assumptions which shaped European and American perceptions and writing on Islam and the region over the centuries. At the same time, they include an abundance of material useful for reflecting on the history and cultural values of their Western authors.

2. Title Selection Criteria

In selecting works for the collection, every effort has been made to be as comprehensive as possible, within the guidelines of the overall project, so as to take fullest advantage of the wealth of rare and valuable materials to be found both at Harvard and at London Universitys School of Oriental and African Studies. Titles have been chosen and organized to support a broad spectrum of reader interests and needs. They include a great deal of material for the specialist engaged in scholarly research, as well as for students, teachers, and the non-academic reader involved in less specialized work. This collection's focus on works published prior to 1921 make it an especially valuable complement to more contemporary holdings of scholarly and related works on the region.

More specific considerations which have guided the selection of titles include the following:

- For copyright reasons, titles included in this collection were published in or prior to 1921.

- The collection is restricted to books in Western languages with approximately half of the titles selected being in English.

- Off-prints from periodicals have been excluded, even when catalogued as a separate work.

- Geographically, the materials cover the region from Morocco and Islamic Spain to Afghanistan and from the Balkans and Turkey to the Sudan. Works on the Sahara, insofar as they pertain to Egypt, the Sudan, and the North African Countries (Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania) are included.

- Works on or relevant to the comparative study of the law, linguistics, religion, and related topics have been included.

- Books on physical and historical geography, flora, fauna, the environment and related themes have been included.

- Owing to the very limited editions of most contemporary reprints, and hence the very brief period of their availability, works at one time reprinted or currently in reprint have been included in the collection in their original or another early edition. An exception to this guideline has been made for some dictionaries (e.g., Lanes Arabic-English Lexicon) and reference works (e.g., The Encyclopedia of Islam, Brockelmanns Geschichte der Arabischen Litteratur) that have been for many years consistently available in reprint.

- In the case where more than one edition of a given work is held in the collections, only those editions which vary significantly (updated, corrected, augmented, with substantial new comment, illustrations, additional notes, etc.) have been included. In some cases, therefore (e.g., The Thousand and One Nights), several editions have been included in the collection.

- The same is true for translations of texts from non-Western languages. Often translations vary considerably and different ones are published with different supporting material and comment. In all cases significant variants have been included.

- In the case where an American or European work exists in several Western languages, the original language edition is included along with the English translation only.

- Illustrated works have been included.

- Maps have been included where they are published as part of a larger printed work, e.g., a work which has an atlas published as a separate volume.

- Works pertaining to the history, doctrines and practices of non-Muslim communities living in the Middle East and North Africa during the Islamic period are included.

- Given the value of this collection to area specialists who work with the languages of the region, works published in Western languages on the subject of language and linguistics have been included. This includes lexicons and early dictionaries.

3. Selection of Reference Works Consulted

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Cambridge, August 1995

Advisory Board

Primary Source Microfilm, an imprint of Gale Group (formerly Research Publications) is pleased to acknowledge the advice and support for Western Books: The Middle East from the Rise of Islam which has been received from members of the projects Advisory Board.

Professor William Graham, Chairman, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University
Michael Hopper, Head, Middle Eastern Division, Harvard College Library
Professor Roy P. Mottahedeh. Department of History, Harvard University
Professor Kojiro Nakamura, Professor of Islamic Studies, University of Tokyo
Professor Jacques Waardenburg, University of Lausanne
Emeritus Professor André Raymond, University of Provence

Contributing Libraries

Western Books: The Middle East from the Rise of Islam is being filmed from the holdings of the Harvard University Library.

Harvard University Library - the sole source for the titles included in the collection - is the oldest library in the United States and the largest university library in the world. Library holdings now include more than twelve million volumes and are supplemented by extensive collections of manuscripts, microforms, maps, photographs, slides, and other materials.

Harvards collections of materials on the Middle East, North Africa, and the wider Islamic world are particularly rich. Widener Librarys resources constitute one of the largest Middle East research collections in the world. The collection in Middle Eastern languages in Widener exceeds 225,000 volumes.

Equally rich are Harvards collections of Western-language materials on the Middle East, North Africa, and the wider Islamic world. These resources number in the tens of thousands of titles and are enhanced by substantial collections on the Middle East both in Middle Eastern and Western languages at the Fine Arts and Law School Libraries and at other libraries throughout the University.

The impetus for the creation of these collections arose in the seventeenth century when the library began to collect materials in both Semitic and Western languages to support teaching and research activities centered around biblical studies. Under the leadership and largesse of Archibald Cary Coolidge (1866-1928), Director of the Harvard University Library from 1910 to 1928, the Western-language collections on the Middle East grew significantly. Among the notable acquisitions made by Coolidge in this area were the library of M. Charles Schefer of Paris, 455 volumes on the history of Turkey and the Eastern question (the gift of J. Randolph Coolidge, A.C. Coolidges father); the library of Count Paul Riant relating to the Crusades and the Latin East, 7,649 volumes and nearly 1,200 pamphlets (also a gift of the Coolidges); books relating to the history of the Ottoman Empire, including 300 Zeitungen or contemporary accounts of the Turkish wars in the seventeenth century (the gift of A.C. Coolidge); and 30 early seventeenth-century Spanish pamphlets relating to Turkish affairs (a gift made by A.C. Coolidge in 1902-03).

Since its inception in 1962, the Middle Eastern Division in Widener Library has concentrated its efforts on the acquisition and cataloging of materials from the area termed the Middle East, encompassing a territory which stretches from North Africa in the West to Pakistan in the East and from Turkey and Central Asia in the North to the Sudan in the South. Widener Librarys Collection Development Department has responsibility for the collection of Western-language materials on the Middle East with the cooperation and consultation of the Middle Eastern Division.

Over the past forty years, since the establishment of Harvards Center for Middle Eastern Studies, the Western-language collections have grown steadily to support the burgeoning interest in the Middle East and the resulting growth of new programs, courses, and research interests. While Coolidge laid the foundation for the Western-language collection on the Middle East in the early part of this century, the collaborative efforts of Wideners Collection Development Department and the Middle Eastern Division have built upon that legacy to produce one of the most comprehensive collections in North America.

Publisher's Note

Full AACR2 US MARC cataloging is being made available on RLIN. The RLIN cataloging record number forms part of each title record in the printed guides.

Collection specifications:
Microfilm: Available on 49-frame 105mm positive microfiche with a reduction of 24x. All film meets ANSI/AIIM and other industry standards for archival permanence. Heading and target information has been included in each microfiche to facilitate access and filing.

Subject area subsets:
To aid libraries wishing to acquire particular sections of the collection when completed, and to help researchers to identify titles by subject area, every title included in the collection is assigned one of nine subject codes, as follows:

ART -- Art and Architecture
BIB -- Bibliography
ECO -- Economy and Society
HIS -- History
SOC -- Social Life and Customs
LAN -- Language and Literature
POL -- Politics, Government and Law
REL -- Religion and Thought
SCI -- Science, Technology and Medicine
TRA -- Travel and Description