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Asian Culture, 1845-1949: The Periodical Perspective

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Asian Culture, 1845-1949: The Periodical Perspective


This collection, Asian Culture, 1845-1949: The Periodical Perspective, was previously titled: Asian Periodicals, 1845-1949.

It is an unmatched collection of unique primary source material from one of the most turbulent periods in Asian history. From the first colonization conflicts with the West to the 1949 fall of the National Government in China, the articles included in this collection offer both first-hand details of Asian culture and the reactions of Western observers and Asians to that society. British colonization was accompanied by an intense interest in Asian culture that resulted in many scholarly publications from learned societies. Nineteenth-century missionaries, determined to remold Asian culture to the Western norm, recorded their research on the culture they were otherwise determined to destroy. By the 20th century, Asians, aware of the advantages of appearing "Western," published their own articles--very often simply propaganda aimed at attracting foreign investments.

In all, 11 periodicals cover this exciting and important period. All but one, Melanges Asiatiques, are English-language periodicals. Included are: Amerasia, New York, 1937-1947; Bangkok Calendar, Bangkok, 1858-1873; China Magazine (China At War), New York, 1938-1949; China Quarterly, Shanghai, 1935-1941; China Review, Hong Kong, 1872-1901; The Chinese Social and Political Science Review, Peking, 1916-1941; The Far Eastern Review, Shanghai, 1904-1941; Melanges Asiatiques, St. Petersburg, 1849-1892; Royal Asiatic Society, China Branch--Transactions, Hong Kong, 1848-1859; Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, Ceylon Branch Journal, Columbo, 1845-1870; Royal Asiatic Society, North China Branch--Journal, Shanghai, 1858-1860, 1864-1948.