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Anti-Slavery Collection

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Introduction: The Anti-Slavery Collection from the Oberlin College Library

Introduction: The Anti-Slavery Collection: From the Oberlin College Library

As early as 1835, Oberlin College was a major center of anti-slavery activity, having first permitted blacks to enter the school that year. This 2,252 item collection comprises pamphlets from Hubbards Catalogue of the Collection of Anti-Slavery Propaganda in the Oberlin College Library, plus materials acquired since 1932.

The collection of pamphlets includes Annual Reports, Proceedings, Constitutions, Platforms and Addresses of Anti-Slavery Societies: The Moral and Humanitarian Arguments; Religious Aspects of the Controversy; Slavery and the Law; The Economic Argument Against Slavery; Anti-Colonizationism; Vindication of the Negro Race; Vindication of Abolitionist Principles; Collections of Speeches and Writings of Anti-Slavery Men; The Moderate Anti-Slavery Point of View; Travelers Observations of Slavery; Slave Narratives; Biographies of Leaders of the Anti-Slavery Movement; Childrens Literature, Poetry Songs, Anthologies and Gift Books; Newspapers and Periodicals; The Anti-Slavery Controversy in Politics; Slavery and the Civil War; The Pro-Slavery Reply to the Anti-Slavery Movement; The British Anti-Slavery Movement.