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Sex Research: Early Literature from Statistics to Erotica


Research Publications (now Primary Source Microfilm, an imprint of the Gale Group) Sex Research: Early Literature from Statistics to Erotica is an extensive microfilm collection covering the topic of human sexuality as it was treated in the writings of the 18th and 19th centuries. Human sexual behavior as a subject appears in works from almost every field of knowledge. Therefore, the titles included in this collection span subject categories as diverse as Medicine, Biology, Anthropology, Law, the Classics, Art, Erotic Literature, and others. Among the books filmed are social histories, guidebooks to cities, dictionaries, art books, and romances, as well as books on incest, homosexuality, divorce, rape, venereal diseases, and reproduction. In its diversity, this microfilm collection offers research possibilities to scholars in many fields.

The items which appear in this collection represent the older material held by Alfred C. Kinseys Institute for Sex Research Library at Indiana University. Dr. Kinsey originally organized his material in forty subject categories. To enhance accessibility while at the same time maintaining subject distinctions, we have condensed his original forty subjects into four basic subject divisions: Sexual Behavior and Attitudes; Sex, Law and Medicine; Sex and Literature; and Sex and the Humanities.