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Witchcraft in Europe and America

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Witchcraft in Europe and America is a comprehensive microfilm collection offering a wide range of writings on the subject of witchcraft. As such, it affords scholars an invaluable opportunity to explore this intriguing historical phenomenon from a variety of perspectives. Included are many rare and fragile manuscripts containing eyewitness accounts of the torture, trial, and execution of the suspected. The pronouncements of advocates of witch persecution--Binsfield, Boguet, Del Rio, Remi--can be compared and contrasted to the courageous warning of Bekker, Löher, Loos, Scot, Spee--men who doubted the validity of witch believers and witch trials. Also, numerous dissertations and limited printed works examining the theological, legal, and social implications of witchcraft are reproduced in their entirety. However, this collection unlocks much more than the world of witchcraft alone; spanning the 15th to 20th centuries, it also enables researchers to trace the history and culture of European civilization during the Renaissance and Enlightenment.

Comprised of 1,045 titles, the collection draws on a plethora of sources. Specific titles have been selected for inclusion by Dr. Edward Peters, Henry Charles Lea Associate of Medieval History and Curator of the Henry Charles Lea Library. The renowned Witchcraft Collection at Cornell Universitys Olin Library forms the nucleus of the collection. Witchcraft in Europe and America has been further enriched with unique material from the Yale University Libraries, Harvard University Libraries, the Harry Price Library of Magical Literature at the University of London, the Lea Library at the University of Pennsylvania, and the Essex Institute of Salem, Massachusetts.