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Women’s Periodicals: Eighteenth Century to the Great Depression

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Womens Periodicals, 18th Century to The Great Depression, published by Research Publications (now Primary Source Microfilm, an imprint of Gale), is a comprehensive collection of periodicals written by or relating to women.

Encompassing more than 55 individual periodical titles from libraries in the United States and Europe, this collection provides an in-depth view of womens history over 200 years. The periodicals cover such major issues as equal rights, women in business, women in the military, reproductive freedom, the world peace movement and more.

Among the journals included are Everyday Housekeeping, The Home-Maker, The Household Monthly, The Womans Magazine, Womans Outlook, LAction Feminine, The Agitator, The American Jewess, The American Journal of Eugenics, The American Suffragette, Archiv Für Frauenkunde und Konstitutionsforschung, Bibliothek Der Frauenfrage, Bulletin Abolitionniste, Le Bulletin Continental, Bulletin of the Inter-Municipal Research Committee, Business Womans Magazine, Daughters of America, Family Culture, Far and Near, The Freewoman, General Federation Magazine, Intercollegiate Community Service Quarterly, The New Voter, Progress, Southern Womans Magazine, A True Republic, Vigilance, The Womans Leader and the Common Cause, The Womans Voice and Public School Champion, The Womans Welfare, Woman Voters Bulletin, Women and the Citys Work, The Womens Industrial News, The Womens International Quarterly, Womens Suffrage Journal, Womens Trade Union League: Annual Report, The Womens Union Journal, Zeitschrift Für Sexualwissenschaft.