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Introduction: Business History Collection, 1916-1975

Introduction: Business History Collection, 1916-1975

This collection is a primary source of information representing the American economy during the 20th century. The collection contains 50 serial publications filmed in two sections: Trade and Business Associations and Research Organizations and Financial Institutions. As the purpose of these publications was to provide current economic, industrial and commercial data, they have not been reprinted. This collection covers most of the important industries and contains statistical data unavailable elsewhere.

Industries and titles found here include:

Transportation: "Air Transport Facts and Figures," "American Trucking Trends," "Automobile Facts and Figures," " Financial Analysis of the Motor Industry," and others

Insurance: "Economic and Investment Report," "Insurance Facts," "Life Insurance Fact Book," "Source Book of Health Insurance Data"

Alcoholic Beverages: "Brewers Almanac Annual Statistical Review," "Distilled Spirits Institute," "Public Revenues from Alcoholic Beverages"

Fuel and Utilities: "Coal Facts," "Financial Analysis of a Group of Petroleum Companies," "Gas Facts: A Statistical Record of the Gas Utility Industry Capital Investments of the World Petroleum Industry," "Reserves of Crude Oil, Natural Gas Liquids and Natural Gas in the United States and Canada," "Year End Summary of the Electrical Power Situation in the United States"

Finances, Investments, Stocks: "Finance Facts Yearbook"