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Utah and the Mormons

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Introduction: Utah and the Mormons

Introduction: Utah and the Mormons

Utah and the Mormons combines the holdings of the Yale Collection of Western Americana and additional libraries to bring together in one source a significant collection of pro- and anti-Mormon publications. This collection provides researchers with vital information on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the only truly native American religious denomination.

As the Mormons' vigorous missionary activity brought opposition in every place where they gathered, the history of the Mormon Church is an essential element in the history of the states of Ohio, Missouri and Illinois. The history of Utah is inseparable from that of the Mormons. This collection is rich in information with rare documents exhibiting the early history of the Mormons and their influences on the histories of these states.

Utah and the Mormons incorporates 28 periodical titles and 198 monographs selected by Archibald Hanna, former Curator of the Yale Collection of Western Americana, with the assistance of Chad J. Flake, Curator of Special Collections at Brigham Young University and the author of the standard bibliography on the Mormons.