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Complete State Papers Regencies, SP43, Volumes 1-27, Hanover, 1716-1740

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Introduction: Complete State Papers Regencies - SP43, Volumes 1027, Hanover, 1716-1740

Introduction: Complete State Papers Regencies: SP 43, Volumes 1-27, Hanover, 1716-1740

The vital correspondence between the king and the regencies during the royal absences of both George I and George II forms an essential source of reference for scholars of the Hanoverian period. Preserved by the Public Records Office in London, these crucial documents highlight the extent and nature of decisions taken by government and, more importantly, who was making those decisions. The relative power of the King and ministers is clearly illustrated, enabling the scholar to pinpoint exactly where real authority lay.

These documents show the differing ways in which George I and George II conducted the business of the monarchy, and provide perspectives on the King's changing role in political and administrative history. They form an important complement to the Complete State Papers Domestic.