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English Stage After the Restoration: Parts 1-2, 1733-1822

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Introduction: The English Stage After the Restoration, 1733-1822: Parts 1-2


One of the most important sources for the study of theEnglish Theatre during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries are the archivesof the Theatres Royal.


Housed in the British Library the archives have been filmedin two parts in the Harvester Microform programme, The English Stage Afterthe Restoration.


Part One of this major drama source comprises the BritishLibrary's Additional Manuscript Series (50 volumes) and is chiefly devoted tothe accounts and ledgers of Covent Garden from the late 1780's to 1849, withsupporting material relating to the Drury Lane Company (8 volumes) between 1733and 1835 when situated at the Little Theatre in the Haymarket and between 1787and 1802, during Sheridan's proprietorship at Drury Lane.


Part Two comprises the British Library's Egerton Manuscripts(58 volumes) and concentrates on the documentation for Covent Garden. It has atits core a series of 53 volumes of accounts and ledgers for the period1736-1822 supported by early 18th century material from Lincoln's Inn, DruryLane and the Haymarket.


Scholars will find this an invaluable source in answeringkey questions on the structure of English theatre companies, the issues raisedin the day-to-day management of such influential cultural centres and thesignificance of the theatre for the society of its time.


The volume descriptions from the catalogues of theAdditional Manuscripts are reproduced on each reel.