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British Culture: Series 2: British Theology

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About this Collection

Introduction: British Culture--Series 2

Introduction: British Culture: Series Two: Literature; History; Poetry; Theology

This collection contains a rich sample of the writing that has shaped British culture over the last few centuries, from histories and literature, to religious works and biographies. It will appeal both to the scholar seeking to explore the works of individual writers, and to those interested in tracing cultural developments over time.

Selection for British Culture: Series Two: was supervised by Dr. Lawrence S. Thompson, professor of Classics at the University of Kentucky and an editor of The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America. Dr. Thompson arranged for initial selections to be made by colleagues at his own institution in Lexington, and by nineteenth century English literature specialists with whom he has worked in various editorial positions.

Original texts as well as critical works were chosen from The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature, volume 3, 1800-1900 (1969).