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New Musical Express and Blues and Soul: The Journals of Popular Music: Blues and Soul, 1967-1987

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Introduction: New Musical Express and Blues and Soul: The Journals ofPopular Music: Part 2: Blues and Soul, 1966-1987

Introduction: New Musical Express and Blues and Soul: TheJournals of Popular Music: Part 2: Blues and Soul, 1966-1987


Blues and Soul, The worlds No. 1 Soul MusicMagazine, is the pre-eminent journal for information on the diverse worlds ofsoul, funk, fusion, disco, blues, rhythm and blues, hip-hop, rap and reggae.


Founded by John E. Abbey, now the head of Ichiban RecordsInc. in Atlanta, Georgia, the journal first appeared in October 1967. Includedin this collection is a complete set through to the end of 1986. Also includedis a near complete run of its predecessor, Home of the Blues, which wasfirst published in May 1966 and concentrated on rhythm and blues.


In-depth interviews and detailed special features onparticular artists have always been a prominent element of the journal,starting with articles on Aretha Franklin and Little Milton in October 1967. Tohelp researchers, we have provided a detailed list of contents giving reelnumber, journal title, issue number, date and the names of artists featured inthe main articles for each issue. But researchers should note that smaller newsitems, concert lists, reviews and advertisements are not indexed. These itemsmust be tracked down by reading through consecutive issues close to the date ofa known record release or tour.


The histories of Atlantic Records, Chess, Motown and othermajor companies can be traced through their releases over the last twenty yearsand also through major serial articles. So can the musical careers of GeorgeBenson, Chuck Berry, James Brown, Sam Cooke, The Drifters, The Four Tops, BuddyGuy, John Lee Hooker, The Jacksons, Albert King, B.B. King, Freddie King,Gladys Knight, Level 42, Bob Marley, Wilson Pickett, Prince, Lou Rawls, LionelRichie, Diana Ross, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder and many others.


Record Reviews include full label details and track lists,as well as useful, instructive reviews. The club scene is also analysedproviding a valuable survey of popular taste.


Together with New Musical Express, Blues and Soulwill be an invaluable reference source and will enable the growing number ofpopular music scholars worldwide to pursue the study of one of the mostimportant Western cultural phenomena of the past 50 years.