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Spiro T. Agnew Case: The Investigative and Legal Documents

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Introduction: The Spiro T

Introduction: The Spiro T. Agnew Case: The Investigative and LegalDocuments


The case of the United States of America v. Spiro T. Agnewwas called for arraignment and disposition in the United States District Courtfor the District of Maryland at Baltimore on October 10, 1973 before theHonorable Walter E. Hoffman, United States District Judge. The defendant waivedinformation and entered a plea of guilty to the charge of having received$29,500.00 in taxable income during the year 1967 which had not been reportedon the income tax return filed by the defendant. The defendant in open courtadmitted that he received payments during 1967 which were income, taxable tohim and that he knew them to be so. The income represented payments fromvarious contractors and engineers to the defendant.


The official papers contained in this remarkable publicationwill undoubtedly be used by legal scholars for generations to come. Upon areview of these documents one is most impressed with the pettiness of theactivities of the central figure. Morality aside, honor should have a higherprice than that accepted by the Vice-President. Few criminal investigationshave ever uncovered such detailed evidence of wrongdoing. With nearmathematical precision the guilt of Spiro T. Agnew is proven beyond any doubtwhatsoever.


The records of the FBI and the Department of Justice do notreveal any action taken by the Nixon administration to protect theVice-President or cover up his illegal activities. The man whose oratory wasaccepted by millions of Americans as representing the views of the Nixongovernment seems to have left little impression in the minds or hearts of thosewho put him in the first rank of crusaders against the elite corps of effetesnobs. It is said that the real measure of a man is the effect he has on thosewho knew him best. By that yardstick Spiro T. Agnews impact on history will belimited to the weight of his misdeeds.


Finally these documents are noteworthy because they detail amost unusual occurrence. The second highest official of a government has inthis instance been investigated, prosecuted and forced from office by theJustice Department of that same administration. Fairness requires that creditbe given to the Department of Justice, Attorney General Richardson, and UnitedStates Attorney Beall. Their actions are in the finest traditions of theAmerican legal profession.


By Thomas Fortune Fay, P.A.



Publishers Note


The numbers referred to in this Guide are handwritten andcircled in the upper right corner of each page on the microfilm itself.


Multiple copies of documents begin with a numeral (2 copiesof), and are included because theyre from different files and usually includedifferences, such as censorship/obliteration of names on one document that arerevealed on the other.